About Walker Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addiction is an epidemic that is affecting everyone in our country. We have made it our mission to help anyone and everyone who is ready to kick their drug abuse and get their life back on track. Walker Drug Rehabilitation is made up of group of addiction specialists that are committed to providing the right care to those trying to get sober. We offer various addiction treatment programs that will meet all your needs.

More About Us

Questions? Speak to one of our addiction counselors.

Seeking help is a life changing experience. If you are not sure about undergoing treatment, we are available to help you with this important decision.

We Will Help You

Anyone who walks through our doors will be provided with a customized addiction treatment program especially tailored to their needs and requirements.

Detox Services

We will monitor the entire withdrawal phase as your body rids itself from all the toxins remaining from your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis

Our therapists will help you overcome your drug addiction as well as any other mental illnesses caused by, or that have developed from, your substance abuse.


We will help you build a strong network of sobriety support that will be there for you long after leaving our addiction treatment center.

Therapeutic Support

You will have an assigned therapist and counselor that will provide you with mental and emotional assistance throughout your treatment.

Ready to Get Started?

If you or a loved one feels they are ready to get their life back, we will be ready to give you the care you need to beat your dependence once and for all.