Find an Excellent Drug Rehab Center in Issaquah, Washington

Locating Assistance for Substance Abuse Clients

Families searching for reliable drug rehab centers in Washington should consider the Walker Drug Rehabilitation network of detox clinics and addiction recovery sites. In Washington, we maintain a drug rehab facility at Issaquah, a quiet scenic community situated south of Jacksonville and just a short drive north of busy Daytona Beach. Located not far from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it offers a secure haven for clients seeking a modern substance abuse treatment facility.

As a drug detox clinic, we offer a private establishment where staff and the rehab community always respect the confidentiality of clients. Our efforts to provide a safe, protected zone for people seeking assistance contributes to client satisfaction.

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Obtain Supervised Detox Services

We supply a caring staff and well-supervised detoxification services at our network of drug rehab centers. At our location in Issaquah, your loved one will benefit from around-the-clock supervision during detox. The ability to furnish this service proves very important in enabling clients to overcome addictions.

Our Issaquah addiction treatment facility supplies nutritious meals and a safe, secure place to shelter. We also furnish a supportive community within rehab, so clients do not feel isolated or singled out.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

About half of clients who seek the assistance of an addiction recovery program have also received other mental health diagnoses. Our facilities never turn these individuals away or direct them to other locations. Instead, we furnish comprehensive dual diagnosis mental health treatment services, which allow us to treat the addiction at the same time we treat the co-occurring mental health disorder.

The warm and receptive environment at our Issaquah facility will permit your loved one to complete supervised detox and begin a therapy program. As an addiction treatment center, we strive to supply an open yet very sheltered environment. We want to encourage honest communication without subjecting clients to recrimination or judgmental behavior.

A Caring and Safe Community

Our facility affords clients the ability to maintain their privacy, but also to interact with other, similarly situated individuals. Our addiction recovery facility in which clients receive attention as unique and valuable individuals, not case numbers.

We supply a wide variety of treatment and therapy programs to assist our client population. Within the rehab facility, people seeking addiction recovery can benefit from the support of the residential community. We strive to emphasize safety and care. By helping clients first detox and then undergo therapy, we seek to assist them in developing better long term coping mechanisms so they can work to avoid relapses.

Highly Individualized Treatment Plans

Our Issaquah addiction recovery center assists clients in implementing highly individualized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s unique situation and abilities. This emphasis upon personalized treatment may hold great benefit.

We seek to create a secure environment within the facility for the honest exchange of information and opinions. Families should consider our programs when they hope for a loved one to receive highly individualized assistance. Since the underlying causes of substance abuse and addiction may vary among individuals, we believe effective assistance requires this hand-tailored approach.

Ongoing Assistance

Our drug treatment facility endeavors to assist clients both in residence and, in some cases, on an outpatient basis after detoxification and appropriate therapy. We provide many types of treatment, including aftercare services.

If you or someone you love needs assistance in overcoming addiction, consider Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Issaquah, Washington. Left untreated, a drug or alcohol addiction can produce heartbreak and devastating losses impacting entire households and families. By utilizing the services of our addiction treatment center, many individuals have become happier and better able to cope with the stresses they encounter during their daily lives!