Multifaceted Recovery at Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Augusta, Maine

Drug addiction has been recognized by the Surgeon General to have reached epidemic levels in the United States. Millions of people seek treatment each year, but millions more people forego treatment and remain under the control of drug addiction. At Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Augusta, Maine, we want to combat these sad facts through an addiction recovery program that is proven to help relieve the burdens of drug addiction. These burdens are many. While in a substance abuse treatment facility, people learn why they’re using drugs so that they can prevent use in the future.

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Our drug rehab facility believes that addiction recovery becomes feasible after a person has decided they are ready to enter take part in an addiction recovery program. We feel that the best way to begin this journey is by undergoing effective process for recovery at our addiction recovery facility in Augusta, Maine. Our safe, comfortable environment provides our clients with the self-confidence they need to push forward through a difficult journey.


The process begins with our supervised detoxification program. During this time, clients are taught to recognize the symptoms of withdrawal and cope with them more effectively. Some clients will get more out of talking with counselors, others will find strength in peer support, and still others need to be mostly alone during the detox period.


Our drug detox clinic has an exceptional individual therapy program which provides dual diagnosis mental health treatment to applicable clients. Through our inpatient treatment program, we’re able to monitor clients more carefully. We can recognize the signs and symptoms of co-occurring mental health issues and treat those at the same time the drug addiction is being treated. In some cases, the addiction may exist alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder that makes overcoming substance abuse especially difficult. Through dual diagnosis mental health treatment, we are able to provide clients with the best chance at reaching their recovery goal.


The individual therapy at our drug detox clinic is second to none. We use multifaceted approaches in an individualized mindset to help each person achieve their full potential. Through therapy, clients learn to identify troublesome thought processes and replace those with more positive thought patterns. We also focus on problem solving, coping skills, and negative emotions which might lead to addiction so that clients can fight those away with positive emotions.


Along with individual therapy, everyone at our addiction treatment facility takes part in regular group therapy sessions. Both group therapy and individual therapy provide distinct but essential elements of recovery at Walker Drug Rehabilitation. Our open, honest group meetings within the safe confines of our addiction treatment center are some of the best in the world. We love to encourage bonding between our clients within the safety of the group.


You’ll going to leave our Augusta, Maine addiction recovery facility with a perfect aftercare plan in hand. For some, an aftercare plan will consist of attending group meetings more often than you regularly might. Your team at Walker Drug Rehabilitation will help you craft a plan that will fit your unique needs.


If you’re ready to overcome substance abuse and attain your recovery goals, our Augusta, Maine substance abuse treatment facility has the tools you need to conquer addiction. One of the most difficult steps in defeating your dependency on drugs or alcohol is admitting you have a problem and seeking the help you need. At our drug abuse treatment facility, we’re here to get you that help. Don’t struggle with addiction for another day, get in touch with us now and find out how we can help you.