Islandia, New York – You Do Not Have to Stay Trapped in Addiction

Do you live in the Islandia, New York area and suffer from addiction? Are you searching through the countless drug rehab centers? Look no further, call Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Islandia, Florida for advanced addiction treatment right away.

If you feel trapped in your addiction, you know it’s difficult to admit you have a problem. You may feel it is even scarier to enroll at a substance abuse treatment facility, but you are sorely mistaken. Keep in mind, any big change can be frightening, but our compassionate staff is waiting to guide you through the door of the most caring and understanding addiction treatment center in Islandia.

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If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it is imperative to realize you can’t beat it alone. This is a crucial step in the recovery process. The get the help you need by seeking help from our qualified addiction recovery program in Islandia. If you are looking for a drug rehab facility, we will guide you through the process of admitting the facility, and onward into the various stages of recovery.


Holistic Treatment

At our Islandia drug rehab clinic we take pride in the safety and care of each of our clients. We do not treat you as an addiction, but as a person. An addiction is a chronic disease. There is almost always an underlying condition that lead you to this point, and we are well-acquainted with this


We use individualized treatment methods that are based on evidence. As we help you overcome your addiction, we also diagnose and treat any underlying conditions that contribute to your substance use disorder. Without treating the addiction simultaneously with the underlying cause, you will have a lifelong struggle with addiction.


While you may think that you can beat it alone, scientific research has proven that professionally supervised detox creates a safer and more effective environment. Not only does supervised detox provide you the help and support you need to succeed in the detoxification process, it kick starts your success in liberating yourself from addiction.


Arriving at Walker Drug Rehabilitation

When you first arrive at our facility, there is a high chance that you will be admitted to our Islandia drug detox clinic. This allows you to be under careful supervision at all times during this extremely difficult time in the recovery process.


As you progress through treatment, you will transition into the Islandia addiction treatment facility. Here, you will have more room to move around, get fresh air, begin therapy, and get back to the person you were before drugs took over your life.


Recovering from Addiction

When you are going through addiction recovery, it is important for you to be treated at Walker Drug Rehabilitation. Breaking the cycle of addiction can be very hard on your body, and your mind. Having someone available to talk to in your time of need can greatly improve your chances of long-term recovery.


After Being Discharged from the Facility

It is important to realize that no matter how hard you work on your habits, insecurities, and self-perceived inadequacies, you have worked on the underlying reasons that brought you to rehab. At this point, many people feel as though they have control over their triggers, cravings, and temptations.


The truth is, addiction is a lifetime battle. It is something you will always fight against. You could go ten minutes, or you could go ten years, before a craving hits again. This is something everyone who has been addicted to substances can relate to. Even people who quit smoking more than 20 years ago still experience the occasional craving. It is how you deal with the craving that really counts. Deal with it by coming to our Islandia rehab center. You won’t be disappointed.