There are many reasons that people become entangled in substance abuse. In fact, there are as many reasons as there are individuals. When you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, one of the best solutions available is to consider the assistance of Walker Drug Rehabilitation, our drug rehab center in Reno, Nevada.

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Setting the Scene for a Safe and Welcoming Environment


There are many different elements that combine to create a worthwhile drug abuse treatment facility. Some of these are probably more obvious, such as proven treatment strategies and a scientifically-supported addiction recovery program. However, others may be less obvious, such as the safe and welcoming environment Walker Drug Rehabilitation provides to each and every one of its clients. Whether you’re native to Reno or considering traveling to us for your time in a substance abuse treatment facility, we’re ready to provide you with the type of environment you need to successfully complete your recovery.


Understanding the Process


You may have some trepidation about a drug rehab facility because they do not know what to expect. Supervised detoxification is an essential part of the drug detox clinic program. During this process, your body will purge itself of any remnants of the substance they have been abusing. Although the associated withdrawal symptoms can be daunting, our well-trained staff will do everything in their power to mitigate your discomfort, and you can always be assured of your safety.


In addition, our Reno, Nevada addiction recovery center will integrate a variety of strategies to help you recover. One day might be spent taking part in group therapy sessions, while the next might involve spending time with your peers during a daytrip to the great outdoors in the natural beauty that surrounds Reno. At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible drug rehab clinic experience.


Individually Tailored


During your time in our addiction treatment center, you will experience an individual treatment plan that focuses on their personal needs. Beginning with the intake interview, every step of the process will be customized to suit your individual needs. Because every individual is unique, every addiction is unique, as well — and therefore a one-size-fits-all treatment plan simply won’t pass muster.


Fortunately, Walker Drug Rehabilitation provides customized treatment plans to each and every client. Once we’ve worked with you to determine your recovery goals, we will work with you to concoct a personal treatment plan. As your time with us goes you, we’ll ensure that you’re on track to meet your goals, and remain satisfied with the selected treatment schedule.


Dual Diagnosis


Did you know that roughly half of those who enter a drug abuse treatment facility are also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder in addition to addiction? In order to ensure that these clients receive the comprehensive treatment they deserve, Walker Drug Rehabilitation is proud to offer dual diagnosis mental health treatment to those clients struggling with co-occurring mental health disorders.


When a client has a co-occurring mental health disorder, just treating the addiction isn’t enough. Even when addiction recovery treatment proves fruitful, if the co-occurring disorder hasn’t been treated, it is possible that the client may backslide into addiction. By treating both the co-occurring disorder and the addiction concurrently, we afford our clients with the best possible chance of recovery.


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If you’re struggling with addiction, we have the tools you need to reach your recovery goals. Don’t waste another moment of your life! Contact Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Reno, Nevada today, and begin working your way toward the road to recovery. You can do, and here at Walker Drug Rehabilitation, we’re eager to help.