The rehabilitation process is a complicated one. While trying to overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol, many individuals feel alone, scared, and exhausted. These feelings may send them running back to their old habits, completely erasing the hard work they have already completed.


Those that return to their old habits of drug or alcohol abuse do so because they don’t have the support or community they need to help them through the recovery process. Very few people can go through the rehabilitation process alone. That is why the Walker Drug Rehabilitation addiction recovery center in Round Rock, Texas has created an environment to show that you have the support you need to defeat addiction.

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About Our Addiction Recovery Facility


At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, we take a different approach to addiction recovery. To us, your success is our success. We know that simply getting you through our doors isn’t enough to change your life. That is why we focus on life-changing practices to set you up for a better future.


Our substance abuse treatment facility recognizes that addiction is both a physical problem and a mental problem. After becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol, both your mind and your body will feel a need for the substance. At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, we focus on treating both.


Our treatment policy focuses on a dual diagnosis, giving clients the opportunity to also treat mental health components that frequently accompany addiction. Where other drug rehab centers only focus on removing the toxins from your body, we add another level of treatment that allows you to address behaviors, habits, or feelings that may push you to use drugs.


Additionally, we focus on community and care at our addiction treatment center. We know that when clients can speak openly and honestly about their struggles with addiction, they will better be able to address those feelings in order to eliminate all connections. By creating an environment that encourages connection and engagement, clients can create supportive relationships that will carry them through recovery.


The Walker Drug Rehabilitation Addiction Recovery Program


At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, located in Round Rock, Texas, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to treatment. Instead, we find the unique and individual needs of each client and set them on a path of recovery that will work for them.


The phases of each plan at the drug rehab facility follow the same standard process, although the details of each phase will be adjusted to fit the client’s needs. Here is a brief overview of what a recovery program may look like:


Supervised Detox


The first phase, which begins after entering the addiction treatment facility, is the detox phase. At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, we provide supervised detox to ensure the process is safe, smooth, and as comfortable as possible. Supervised detoxes allow a professional to oversee and care for clients going through the process. Through detoxing, clients will get to start their treatment on a clean, positive foot.




While saying at the drug detox clinic, clients will undergo various forms of therapy. Therapy allows clients to understand the mental connection to addiction and develop different strategies and habits for dealing with the feelings or behaviors that pushed them to use drugs or alcohol. Therapy is usually done in one-on-one meetings, in group settings, or may be done with families and friends.




Once clients are ready to leave the treatment facility, they will need an aftercare plan. Aftercare helps clients stay on track for their recovery once they are back in their regular lives. Aftercare may include therapies, group meetings, or living in special homes or area designed to help clients adjust to life with temptations and bad influences.


At Walker Drug Rehabilitation, each of these phases will be adjusted and customized to meet each client’s needs. Kind of drug use, duration of drug use, and amount of drug used will all factor into what the recommended program will look like for each client. If you’re ready to overcome your addiction, we can provide the help you need. Contact Walker Drug Rehabilitation in Round Rock, Texas today.